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Benefits become payable commencing with the first day of the month following the month in which the application was filed with the Trustees, providing the Participant has filed an application with the Fund Office, fulfilled all the conditions for entitlement to benefits and it is determined that the Participant has retired.

Due to the processing and verification of employment, you may not receive a pension payment on your retirement date but may experience a delay. In the event of a delay in the starting of your pension, your pension payment(s) will be retroactive to your effective date. Example: If you terminate active employment June 30th and retire July 1st, your effective date will be July 1st (unless you request a later date such as August 1st.) however, due to processing and verification of employment and retirement, you may not receive your first pension check until August 1st, which will include payments for July and August.

1 year Before Retirement

You should request a retirement pension estimate from the Fund Office and advise of your intent to retire within the next year. If you think you may be entitled to past service with the company or service with any other company, you should inform the Fund at this time. The Fund will send you the necessary documents for signature in order to verify this service.

4 Months Before Retirement

Request retirement packet: This will include an updated pension estimate based on the information obtained within the last year an application forms to be completed in order to start your pension.

3 Months Before Retirement

Send the original application forms (completed and signed) to the Fund Office within 90 days of the effective date of your pension. (Due to IRS regulations, retirement forms cannot be signed prior to 90 days of the effective date or commencement date.) Example: if you want to start pension benefits on June 1st, you cannot sign the application prior to March 1st.

Contact your Union Pension Committee Member and together you will contact the Clearwater Paper Human Resources Department of your intent to retire.

NOTE: A covered employee shall be deemed to have retired when he has ceased being employed or engaged in the following for at least 30 consecutive days:

Employment with any Contributing Employer or Employer:

Employment or self-employment with any other employer in the same business as any Employer, in a trade or craft in which the employee was employed at any time under the Plan, and in the geographic area covered by the Plan; except the conditions of Article IV, Section 16, shall apply after the Covered Employee attains

Normal Retirement Age.

Upon receipt of the application, the Fund will be requesting employment verification from the company; and

30 days after your intended retirement date a Retirement Verification Form is sent to the company to confirm

your retirement.

If you have any questions, please contact 1.800.474.8673.