Unknown Year

The River Ran Red (????)

The Iron Heel (1908- Jack London)

A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers: The Twenties (????)

The Pullman Strike (????)

The Big Red Scare of 1919-1920 (????)

Harvest of Shame: Edward R. Murrow Collection (????)



Endgame Europe (19??)

Coffee Break! (19??)

Down on the Waterfront (19??)

Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves (19??)

Chonk Workers (19??)

In Her Chosen Field (19??)

Strikestory (19??)

Who Wants Unions (19??)

Profile of Israel (19??)

Family Fuel: A Coal Strike Story (19??)

Issues in Nursing: Strikes--Does the End Justify the Means? (19??)

Life on the Beam/Men Who Built the Golden Gate Bridge (19??)

All Aboard (19??)

Imperfect Union: Canadian Labor and the Left--Part 1: International Background--Canadian Roots (19??)

Imperfect Union: Canadian Labor and the Left--Part 2: Born of Hard Times (19??)

Imperfect Union: Canadian Labor and the Left--Part 3: Falling Apart and Getting Together (19??)

Imperfect Union: Canadian Labor and the Left--Part 4: New Party, Old Problems (19??)

The Winnipeg General Strike: 1919 (19??)



Strike (1924)

The End of St. Petersburg (1927)



Black Fury (1935)

Sons of Steel (1935)



The Devil & Miss Jones (1941)

Union Films (1946)

Fame Is the Spur (1947)



On the Waterfront (1954)

Salt of the Earth (1954)

The Pajama Game (1957)

Never Steal Anything Small (1959)

I'm All Right Jack (1959)



The Inheritance (1964)

The Organizer (1964)

Like a Beautiful Child (1967)

Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate (1967)

The Rise of Labor (1968)



Labor Law Reform? (197?)

Finally Got the News (1970)

I Am Somebody (1970)

Molly Maguires (1970)

Brother John (1970)

UMWA: 1970, a House Divided (1971)

Shop Stewards (1972)

Asian Garden Strike (1972)

Boxcar Bertha (1972)

Loose Bolts? (1973)

Rebellion in Patagonia (1974)

Land of Promise (1974)

The Masses and the Millionaires (1974)

Two Factories: Japanese and American (1974)

Chinatown Report: Lee Mah Strike (1974)

Lee Mah Press Conference (1974)

The Grievance Arbitration Process (1975)

Man of Marble (1976)

The Displaced Person (1976)

If You Don't Come in Sunday, Don't Come in Monday (1976)

Joyride (1977)

Which Way Is Up? (1977)

Union Maids (1977)

Eugene Debs and the American Movement (1977)

With Babies and Banners (1978)

The Libertarians (1978)

Blue Collar (1978)

Out of Conflict. . .Accord: A Series (1978)

F.I.S.T. (1978)

F Is for Female Labour Force (1978)

Crisis Bargaining (1979)

North Dallas Forty (1979)

Norma Rae (1979)

Wobblies (1979)

The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal (1979)

The Collective Bargaining Process (1979)

Reflections: George Meany (1979)



Bread and Roses Too (1980)

Molders of Troy (1980)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Labor Struggle in the Post Office (1980)

The $5.20 an Hour Dream (1980)

Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists (1980)

Shop Talk (1980)

Keeping On (1981)

Take This Job & Shove It (1981)

The Mondragon Experiment (1981)

Man of Iron (1981)

Between Rock and a Hard Place (1981)

Moonlighting (1982)

Our Health Is Not for Sale (1982)

What Could You Do with a Nickel? (1982)

Silkwood (1983)

John L. Lewis (1983)

Anatomy of a Strike (1983)

Givebacks (1983)

Waterfront (1983)

Popular Video Workshop (1983)

Labor in the Promised Land (1983)

Singleton's Pluck (1984)

Meeting the Union Challenge (1984)

The Real Thing (1984)

America Works (1984)

Women of Steel (1984)

Shout Youngstown (1984)

Great Weirton Steal (1984)

The Last Pullman Car (1985)

Gung Ho (1985)

You Got to Move (1985)

Taylor Chain 1: A Story in a Union Local (1985)

Taylor Chain 2: A Story of Collective Bargaining (1985)

Killing Floor (1985)

Unions in New Jersey (1985)

Canada's Sweetheart: The Saga of Hal C. Banks (1985)

Sweet Sugar Rage (1985)

Far from Poland (1986)

Gentle Winds or Typhoon? (1986)

Act of Vengeance (1986)

Longshoremen and Automation: The Changing Face of the Waterfront (1987)

Left Out (1987)

Bringing It All Back Home (1987)

Perhaps Women Are More Economical (1987)

Negroes: The Social Volcano (1987)

The Industrial Worker (1987)

Final Offer (1987)

Inhibitory Casting of Upper Extremities for Occupational Therapists (1987)

Fifth, Park & Madison (1987)

Labor Management (1987)

Beauty and the Beast, Episode 6: The Beast Within (1987)

You May Call Her Madam Secretary (1987)

Manufacturing Miracles (1987)

Collision Course (1987)

There's No Such Thing as Woman's Work (1987)

Union Democracy (1987)

Matewan (1987)

Radium City (1987)

Love, Women and Flowers (Amor, Mujeres y Flores) (1988)

Deadly Stranger (1988)

Hard Metals Disease (1988)

End of the Line (1988)

Appalachia: No Man's Land (1988)

Starving for Sugar (1988)

Railroad Women (1988)

Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning (1988)

L.E.A.R.: The League of Revolutionary Writers and Artists (1988)

Made on Rails: A History of the Mexican Railroad Workers (1988)

Improving Productivity Through Employee Involvement (1988)

One Hundred Years Below (1988)

American Dream (1989)

Partners in Change (1989)

Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration (1989)



Daily News Is Bad News (199?)

Daily News Is Bad News (199?)

Daily News Is Bad News (199?)

Unions Using Video (199?)

War in the Gulf: Labor Strikes Back (199?)

Strikes, Lies and Videotape: Labor in the Media (199?)

Out at Work: Lesbians and Gay Men on the Job (199?)

Arbitration III: The Proof of the Matter (199?)

Act Up: The Story of a Performance (1990)

Last Exit to Brooklyn (1990)

Nothing to Lose (1990)

Troubled Harvest (1990)

H-2 Worker (1990)

Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free (1990)

Perestroika from Below (1990)

The Raid (1990)

The Return of Joe Hill (1990)

Roving Pickets (1991)

Chandler's Mill (1991)

Long Road Home (1991)

Those Who Know Don't Tell: The Ongoing Battle for Workers' Health (1991)

Newsies (1992)

Riff Raff (1992)

Where's Jimmy Hoffa? (1992)

Unions in Crisis (1992)

AOTA: The Professional Edge (1992)

Locked Out in America: Voices from Ravenswood (1992)

Coal Wars: The Battle in Rum Creek (1992)

Leaving Home (We Do the Work) (1992)

Daens (1992)

Hoffa (1992)

Harry Bridges: A Man and His Union (1992)

Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story (1992)

Mac (1993)

Ina Mae Best (1993)

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: The Rebel Girl (1993)

Hoffa: The True Story (1993)

JFK, Hoffa and the Mob (1993)

Sit Down and Fight: Walter Reuther and the Rise of the Auto Workers' Union (1993)

Taking Control: The Workers Comp--Return to Work Connection (1993)

Luisa Capetillo: Passion for Justice (1994)

The Burning Season (1994)

Organizing America: The History of Trade Unions (1994)

Struggles in Steel: The Fight for Equal Opportunity (1996)

Prison Labor/Prison Blues (1996)

A. Phillip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom (1996)

United States History Video Collection: Origins to WWII: A Nation in Turmoil (1996)

Behind the Smile (1998)

Made in India (1998)

In Search of History: The True Story of the Molly Maguires (1998)

The Rouge: The Factory and the Workers (1998)

The Labor Movement in America (1999)

Oh Freedom After While: The Missouri Sharecroppers Strike of 1939 (1999)

Performing the Border (1999)
Made in Thailand (1999)



White Snow: The Dirty Truth About Environmental Cleanup (2000)

Liam (2000)

Bread and Roses (2000)

Harlan County War (2000)

The Banana Verdict (2000)

Working with Care (2000)


In the Land of Plenty (2001)

Standing Tall: Women Unionize the Catfish Industry (2001)


Voices in the Street (2005)

Respect (2005)

Walking With Furee (2005)


Battle in Seattle (2009)



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